Tim Cook

Tim Cook’s mention of Swift Explorers Singapore on Twitter/X.

yahoo! Life

Apple's Swift Explorers Singapore 2023 Adds Primary Schools Students To Growing List of Student Developers on yahoo! life

Geek Culture

Student Developers Wow Apple's Tim Cook At Swift Explorers Singapore Celebrations on Geek Culture


Swift Explorers Singapore celebration: Young developers focused on Singapore's ageing population on HardwareZone

Spotlight and commendation of programme by Minister of Information and Communication (Singapore),

Ms Josephine Teo.

Spotlight of Student Developer, Kenryk Phuan by Parenting Influencer, June Wan.

Spotlight and commendation of programme by Minister of State for Communications and Information (Singapore), Mr Tan Kiat How.

Daniel Martin

“The future of everyone's digital lifestyle rests in coding” and with Swift Explorers, "many young people in Singapore are getting that first hand experience that they need with it in their schools.”

Shubhada Bhide

“The apps designed by students were very relevant and useful for real life. It was pleasure to see students building apps for elderly, sustainable planet and communities.”

Pooja Kawatra

“Every school presented their apps, benefits, and how useful they are in our everyday lives,” and “these apps were all developed using Swift, Apple’s proprietary coding language."

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